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Southern Minnesota Soccer League

Dear Team Managers and Coaches,

Welcome to the 2023 Southern Minnesota Soccer League (SMSL) Spring Summer Season.

This email is being sent to you because your club rostered you as a manager or coach of a 2023 SMSL team. This initial information and attached manual will help you plan and prepare you for the upcoming league season.

League Schedules
Your team has SMSL games between April 24th and July 2. There are no games scheduled between the Friday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. For the developmental leagues at 12U, 10U and 9U, SMSL games are scheduled on weekend days before Memorial Day and then on weeknights after the holiday, when most school districts go on summer break. In the 14U, 16U and 18U leagues, approximately one game is scheduled per week, running from late April through early July.
Games schedules have been created and are available here. Please notice the login area in the upper right corner of that page which will give you your US Soccer Connect access. Make sure you use this email address to gain or create your account. When logged in, you can access contact info of your opponents to begin any rescheduling negotiations. Subsequently, opponent coaches and managers may also reach out to you.

Rescheduling Period March 17th- 27th
We hope teams will play by the original schedule as published. We realize some anticipated conflicts can create the need to reschedule some dates. From today through March 27th, SMSL will allow teams to negotiate and cooperate with opposing teams and host clubs to adjust schedules for predetermined sincere needs. Note: Managers and coaches need to understand their own club policy on gaining fields and referees before you finalize any rescheduling. The communication and rescheduling tool are in your US Soccer Connect access.

Rule pertaining to Rescheduling: RESCHEDULING
a. All rescheduling for anticipated conflicts must be made within the preseason period determined by SMSL.
b. Games can only be rescheduled after the preseason period for cases of: adverse weather, referee availability, a decision by the owner to close the scheduled field, or unforeseen circumstances as determined by SMSL.
c. Willful refusal to play any game will be subject to sanctions and fines as determined by SMSL.

In Season Rescheduling
Teams should not reschedule in the season (after March 27th) for any other reason than weather and other acts of God. At no time should a team entertain rescheduling an in-season game because of roster shortages, injuries or a lack of roster commitment. Teams should consult with their DOC and utilize club passing to play games. Manipulation of the rescheduling rule can result in forfeits, fines and suspension from SMSL play.

Manager Manual
Please see attached SMSL Team Manager Guide. Please use this manual along with your US Soccer Connect access to set your team up for the season (pictures, passes, rosters etc.).

Upload SafeSport and Concussion Certificates
To ensure compliance with SMSL, US Soccer and state statute, we are asking coaches and managers to upload their current concussion and SafeSport certifications into their US Soccer Connect profile. Please upload your documents before coaching any of your club's youth players.

Official League Communication
SMSL is made up of independent soccer clubs and organizations. Clubs have all authority and direct oversight of their programs, teams, participants, managers and coaches. From time to time, SMSL will send information to teams (such as this email). We ask all individuals to be cognizant of a unity of command when communicating. To ensure transparency, clarity and efficiency, we ask that you first address relevant questions, concerns and general needs with your club prior to contacting the SMSL. We thank you for your understanding and support of our intended structure.

Season Timelines
2023 Spring Summer Season Projected Dates
Upcoming Important Dates
March 17 Schedules with dates published(Initial game dates between April 24 - July 2)
Team-to-team rescheduling period begins
Field and referee assigning begins
March 27 Team-to-team rescheduling period ends
March 31 Field assignments and game times become final
April 9 League play may begin if scheduled clubs agree
July 2 Last day of league play
July 10 –16 Postseason play - optional (MYSA State, USA Cup, etc.)

Thank you for stepping forward to lead your team and provide soccer for the
kids. Good luck this season and have a great summer!

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