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2024 SMSL Spring-Summer League Formation and Timelines

January 1  Clubs may register players and form teams in the Stack Sports Platform
February 1  Teams can be registered, activated and declared into the season
March 4 (Mon)  Teams must be activated, declared and paid (hard deadline)
                     When space available, teams may be entered late for a $100 additional fee
March 6 (Wed)  SMSL League Bracketing Begins
March 11 (Mon)  Division 2/Black Brackets released end of day
March 13 (Wed)  Division 2/Black level Appeals” Deadline end of day
March 18 (Mon)  Final brackets and schedules released end of day – Rescheduling Open
March 28 (Thr)  Final Schedule (dates) locked
April1 (Mon)  Game Fields and Kickoffs assigned by Home Clubs
April 22 (Mon)  Season Opens (games may be played earlier if agreed in rescheduling)
May 25-27 (Sat- Mon)  Memorial Day Weekend - No Games
July 1 (Mon)  Last day to play league games
July 11–14 (Thr- Sun)  MYSA State Championships (St. Cloud area)

2024 League Scheduling Details

Initial games will be scheduled from April 22 through July 1. If rescheduled, games can be played earlier than April 22. All games must be completed by the end of the day, July 1. In age flights with two or more brackets, playoff games will be part of the schedule. Playoff semifinals/finals will take place on June 29 and 30 and cannot be rescheduled.

Spring-Summer Season Game Days and Nights
Initial games will be scheduled on the following template between April 22 through July 1.  In all ages and brackets 12U and younger, early season games (prior to Memorial Day) will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, mornings or afternoons. Remaining games (after Memorial Day) will be scheduled on weeknights. In all ages and brackets 13U and older, all games will be scheduled on weeknights with one primary evening per week. SMSL will use the following weeknights for the "Primary Day" of a week:

When a second game is scheduled in a week, that game will be on a "Secondary Day" and be scheduled either two days before or two days after the "Primary Day".

Monday Primary - Wednesday Secondary

Tuesday Primary - Thursday Secondary

Wednesday Primary - Monday Secondary

Thursday Primary - Tuesday Secondary

Fall Season Game Days
Games in the Fall league will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, mornings or afternoons.

Games can be rescheduled in the Team-to-Team Rescheduling period in preseason when both teams negotiate. In-season rescheduling is only allowed for weather or in the event of emergency circumstances but only when the host club and both teams agree.

Team Placement - Promotion and Relegation
Beginning this 2024 Spring-Summer season, SMSL will form league bracket levels based on a Promotion and Relegation process that will be based on the previous season(s) results. SMSL shall assume a clubs’ team(s) oldest birth year will return to play the next season. For the Spring-Summer season, each age flight with a Division 2/Black Bracket will have at least six teams to include teams that finished the previous season above 25% in points percentage as well as any teams that are promoted from the Division 3/Blue. Division 2/Black teams that finish with or below 25% points percentage may be relegated depending on the need to have a minimum of six teams per Black Bracket. The need for six teams in a Black Bracket will supersede the total number of teams that are relegated.  Teams from a previous Division 3/Blue season, who finished in the top 25% of their bracket will be “promoted” and placed into the Division 2/Black bracket.

A quick “Appeals” process, submitted by a club president or designee, will be available for any team to be placed in the other Division (Division 2/Black or Division 3/Blue). Appeals will be decided by a panel of three Directors of Coaching and a representative of the SMSL Office. Appeals, if approved will only be allowed and based on special circumstances effecting a birth year nucleolus of the club. Appeals may be turned down if the result would leave less than six teams in the Division 2/Black flight.


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