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All adult participants, including coaches and managers, are required by law to have a background check  (annually), SafeSport Training (every two years) and Concussion (recognition) Training (every three  years). 


The following guidelines are to be applied in the event of excessive heat at SMSL games. Adult coaches and managers at a game site are responsible for the safety of their players. Referees are responsible for management and safety during SMSL games and shall apply these guidelines when conditions include a high temperatures:

Based on “Heat Index” (not actual temperature).

Up to 89°             No adjustments needed – normal time kept

90° to 99°          Two-minute water breaks each half during running time

Each half should be shortened by five minutes

100° to 104°       Two-minute water breaks each half during running time

Each half should be shortened by ten minutes

104° or above      Play suspended


Each club in the Southern Minnesota Soccer League (SMSL) are required to conduct background checks through the USSSA partner system provided by Reference Services Inc. The adult background check will  conduct a national, state and local background check on all applicants. This service is provided within  the individual coach/manager registration fee, there is no additional charge. This annual process aligns with registration and the soccer year calendar beginning August 1 and ending July 31. 


 SMSL and USSSA Soccer is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all participants, coaches,  volunteers, parents, families, spectators and officials. USSSA Soccer has established a risk management  policy for reviewing all adult participants which any member club allows around children (under 18  years) and youth soccer participants. 

Each club in our league is required to follow USSSA’s background check standards and inform their  coaches, team administrators, adult volunteers of the background check process. USSSA runs a  Nationwide Criminal Search, County Criminal Search, and SSN Trace for every applicant, through  Reference Services Inc. (hereon known as RSI). RSI is a leader in compliance and follows all Federal and  State laws regarding background screening. We strictly adhere to all Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”)  regulations. Per these laws, background screening firms must maintain “strict procedures” for ensuring  that reporting public record information is complete and up to date, which includes verifying ANY  criminal record that shows up on a Nationwide Criminal Search and County Criminal Search. 

SMSL Clubs/Organizations are advised to follow these guidelines and procedures, and are solely  responsible for communicating to their adult staff and volunteers these steps.


1. An independent review of each search conducted by RSI for every adult participant of the member  club/organization. On review, the independent reports back to USSSA of any conviction or “hit”, against  any adult participant.  

2. All adults are required by their member club/organization to complete a background check.

3. Any falsification of information submitted on a background check will be reported to the club  immediately with a suspension notification of the individual. 

4. A positive individual history of arrest/conviction will require a review. At the end of the review, the  SMSL and USSSA will make a judgement on the action taken against the individual. This action can  include but is not limited to; approval, approval with probation, limited suspension, lifetime suspension,  or declined approval. 

5. Refer to USSSA ABUSE/MOLESTATION POLICY where USSSA will automatically suspend anyone  charged with or convicted of a violent felony or a sexual related conviction with a minor felony. In such  instances, there will be no discretion or judgement - the suspension is automatic and permanent.  

6. USSSA and each member shall comply with U.S. Soccer’s Bylaw 212, Policies 212, 212-3 and 601- 10.  

7. All member clubs and organizations are required to report any potential risk management concerns or  recent arrest and/or conviction of one of their adult participants which fall under one or more of  offenses on our CAUSE FOR CONCERN list. 

8. We recommend that each season coaches, team managers, and parents meet when establishing a  club/organization and develop a policy regarding adult and minor interaction. Items to be considered for  topics are; any adult being alone with a youth participant – should look to adopt a 2:1 ratio, a buddy  system, adult transportation of children who are not their own, overnight stays in hotels, other items  not addressed above. 


Below are the offenses which are considered a CAUSE FOR CONCERN and will result in review and  suspension on a positive individual match from all organization play: 

• Any conviction or charge of physical assault/abuse/other criminal physical crimes against an adult or  minor  

• Any conviction or charge of sexual assault/abuse/molestation/other criminal sexual crimes against an  adult or minor  

• Any conviction or charge of emotional or threatening crimes against an adult or minor  • Any felony conviction or charge regardless criminal offense  

• Any conviction or charge in relation to drugs  

• DUI/DWI convictions or charges which have occurred more than once in the last 5 years  

• Suspension from other U.S. Soccer Federation Member due to failure of their risk management  policies Risk Management Policy and Procedures 


RSI is a full-service background screening and drug testing firm, who is one of less than 200 companies in  the entire U.S. to be Nationally Accredited by the NAPBS. They serve clients in all industries, nationally  and internationally and pride themselves on the best quality data, unmatched compliance expertise and 

superior customer service. Your club, as a member of the SMSL is eligible for the risk management  background checks through USSSA. 


Background Checks of Team Administrators (Managers) and Coaches (Head or Assistant) need to be  completed annually, prior to any work with youth players and before you are assigned to a club team in  the Southern Minnesota Soccer League (SMSL). 

SMSL Member Clubs/ Organizations should provide the following link and instruction to their desired  coaches and managers. Clubs/ Organizations are responsible for registering coaches and managers who  complete this link. To avoid additional charges related to registering adults, do not provide this link to  any individual who will not be coaching or managing in your club in the coming soccer year (August 1  through July 31). 


1. Below is the portal link that all adult participants in your club must submit and pass in order to  be assigned to a team:  

< actual link provided to club officials only > 

2. Select the club league you are applying for (required): 

• First, select the State - Select: Minnesota 

• Registration Type - Select: “Coach” or “Team Administrator” 

• Club – Select” “Southern Minnesota – 1” (The league of clubs) 

3. Proceed and complete all requirements of the application. Be sure to use the same email and  personal information you have provided your club. 

4. Results of your Background Check along with a registration number will be sent to you via email. 5. Provide that email and or registration number to your Club Registrar prior to any work with  players in your club. The registration number will allow your registrar to assign you to a team(s)  in your club. 


1. Use this link:
Key Name=JJFAQsQPWNRj01edWcPr
2. Complete information on “Sign Up” page
3. If prompted, log in to the new account you just created
4. Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog.”
5. Click the Start button for “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” to complete the course.
6. Upload your certificate of completion.

Instructions for downloading a certificate of completion: 
1. Please select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page
2. Select “Transcript”
3. Once the transcript page displays, locate the most current completion for the course under the “Certificates” section
4. Download the certificate by selecting the “Download” button at the right of the completed course. Upon completion, the SafeSport number and Certificate must be provided to the Club Registrar and uploaded to the individual's profile in Stack Sports/ US Soccer Connect. Clubs are legally required to ensure all their adult participants are compliant with SafeSport Training.


All registered adult participants including coaches (head and assistant) , managers and administrators need to complete Concussion Training every three years. While there are various online concussion  trainings available, the SMSL endorses the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) training. 

Earned Concussion Training Certificates must be provided to the Club Registrar and or uploaded to the  individuals profile in Stack Sports/ US Soccer Connect. Clubs are legally required to ensure all their adult  participants are compliant with Concussion Training. 

Visit CDC HEADS UP or HEADS UP to Parents | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center to complete or update  Concussion Training.

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